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Additions to Creative Cowgirls Arriving

By April 9, 2018 Crafting

Hello Everyone! Well, Spring is here (thank goodness) and we are so busy at Creative Cowgirls gearing up for the Spring/Summer shows we will be doing over the next couple of weeks. I will be having the “Grand Opening” of my baby boutique items and Dawn will be featuring her “Crochet Designer” purses.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the baby items I’ve been working on and just as soon as I receive Dawn’s photos they will be added to the next blog item.

Hope to see ya’ll soon!

Much love,


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Slept through October and here it is November!!!

By November 16, 2017 My Texas Home

What happened with October and half of November? I must have slept though them! Hello everyone and so sorry for my lengthy absence. It seems I put too many irons in the fire at once and now I have to really play catch up with everyone. Hope all of you are doing well and not stressing over the quickly approaching holidays. Between you and me Thanksgiving really jumped up at me! What are your plans for turkey day? Will you be traveling or having a close get together at home?

Thanksgiving Day since the beginning of Larry’s and my marriage has always been an at home celebration either our home or my brother in law’s. Before our parents passed we would sometimes spend the day celebrating at their home. Well, 36 years later with the kids grown, married and plenty of grandchildren to spoil we’re not always fortunate to see everyone every year. But, when we do get together it really is a joyous time for us.

Today is sharing my recipe and craft of the month (sorry for missing October guys!!!). Look for them in Recipes and Crafting postings today. Also, a newsletter will be going out shortly to all who have subscribed. I hope you will enjoy these and from my family to yours HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Let me leave you with a timeless holiday video.

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Time for fall shows

By October 11, 2017 Crafting

Good morning everyone! Again it has been a while since my last posting so I better get my rear into gear and get back on tract. Fall is my favorite time of the year even though down here we usually only experience Winter and Summer. Sometimes even our wintertime can feel like summer. Today’s posting is about craft shows. Such a wonderful time to spend outdoors or indoors showing off mine and Dawn’s creations and meeting a lot of new people and even our repeat customers/followers. Usually we start the show season in September but, this year we’re being a little more picky about where we are going after spending the last two years at our old reliable shows and not making any or slim profits. Last year there were a couple of new places we tried with much success and even special orders to boot! I’ll be sending out a newsletter hopefully by the end of the week with more details. If your not on my mailing list and would like to receive one please go to contact us and leave your email so you can receive emails from us and a monthly newsletter. Monthly I post a craft for the month along with a recipe so be on the look out for that.


These will be in the newsletter but in case you do not receive one save these dates and come out and visit with us a browse the show for unique gifts for yourself or even buy for Christmas gifts.

November 11th; St Hedwig American Legion, Saint Hedwig, 14290 FM 1346. Hours will be 9 to 4

November 18th; Lubineski’s Feed Store, Saint Hedwig, 13636 FM 1346. Hours will be 8:30 to 3

December 9th; Lubineski’s Feed Store, Saint Hedwig, 13636 FM 1346. Hours will be 8:30 to 3

If any of you are interested in being a vendor at craft shows or would like to find out how to get started please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ve been doing shows now since 1997 making this my 20th year to be a part craft showing.

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Evenings on the porch with September craft of the month

By September 7, 2017 Crafting, Gardening


Now, for the craft of the month. I know this is more of a summer craft but, basically here we only have to seasons; Summer and Winter. Right now, we have a little chill in the air this morning, getting warmer during the day which leads to wonderful, relaxing evenings on the porch watching the sun gently set. This calls for candle lanterns! I don’t know about you but I have canning jars for everything. Cool idea – mason jar candle holders. Going to try this, to cluster candles on patio table around umbrella pole. And use Citronella candles for mosquito control. This with many other great ideas can be found at; shabby nest blogspot by Wendy Hyde.

Canning Jar Lanterns

Collect various canning jars large and small, vintage or new. Get some candles to fit into each jar. Use pillar candles for large jars and votive for the small jar sizes. White candles look fresh but you can use any color to your liking.

Fill the jars with about 1/4-1/3 full of rice, sand or course salt. *Note: the salt reflects the light*. You can also use pale color fillers too.

last step is to place each candle into the jar and either group together for an impact presentation and place individually and light. “Please remember, do not leave lit candles unattended”


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Recipe for September is a Mississippi Roast

By September 7, 2017 Recipes

Can you say yummy? This has got to be the best roast I have ever served, much less eaten. Give a try and I’ll bet you will find it yummy too!

First, let’s start with the September’s recipe from Table for Two which is so yummy on a crisp Fall evening dinner. And yes, this is a slow cooker recipe to give you some uncomplicated time in the kitchen. This serves 8-10  and cooked on low heat for 8 hours. It takes just about 5 minutes to prepare, just dump in, sprinkle and go!

 Mississippi Roast

3 lb. chuck roast           1 oz. dry ranch-style seasoning     1 oz. au jus gravy mix

6 Tbs butter                  1/4 cup water                 6 pepperoncini

  1. Add 1/4 cup water into the slow cooker then place roast on top.
  2. Sprinkle the dry ranch seasoning mix on top of roast, then sprinkle the dry au jus mix on top. Place 6 tbsp of butter on top of roast and finally the pepperoncini around the roast.
  3. Cook on low for 8 hours.
  4. Shred if desired and serve with gravy. We love mashed potatoes and green beans with this wonderful roast! Enjoy!


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September has arrived and so has the recipe and craft for the month!

By September 7, 2017 Crafting, My Texas Home, Recipes

Good morning ya’ll! Well, as usual I’m running somewhat behind with my postings. So, it’s time to get myself into blogging mode and crank out my first September posting. To start this new month out on the right foot I am going to post a recipe as well as a craft for the month. Please stay tuned at the beginning of each month for a delicious recipe and a fun craft.

I would love to hear from you and give me some feedback on these monthly items. This way I’ll know what your likes and dislikes are. Also, if you would like me to post a recipe or craft you enjoy please send it my way. I always listen to my followers and my crafting customers, so any question or suggestion is welcome on Yellow Rose Cowgirls.

Now, let’s get down to business and present our monthly items! You will find Mississippi Roast in the Recipe category and Candle Lanterns in crafting.

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again soon!



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Home sweet home in San Antonio

By August 31, 2017 My Texas Home, Uncategorized

I’m sure you’re wondering about my home if you have never been to Texas much less San Antonio. It’s a wonderful place to live, work, play and raise a family. I’m a second generation San Antonio on my dad’s side and first on my mothers side. I have had the privilege to live in several places across the United States but this is where my heart is.

We have so much rich history here going way back to the Spaniards and Franciscan monks in the 1700’s who settled and built here. We have the mission trail that you can follow to all the missions starting at the Alamo. Our beautiful River-walk along the San Antonio River downtown with a multitude of shops and restaurants to choose from. The river flows out of downtown and to the south part of San Antonio where there are picnic areas, walking trails and even fishing and Kayaking.

You may even want to see the Tower of Americas which was built for the 1968 worlds fair along with the Institute of Texan Cultures. Both are an experience to remember!

The traditions are rich and the blended cultures are fascinating. Should you have the chance to visit our wonderful city I welcome you to take the mission tours and experience the rich cultures that make up San Antonio.

Hasta Luego!


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Texas and our resilent people

By August 30, 2017 My Texas Home

Hello everyone and welcome! Today’s blog isn’t about crafting, cooking or gardening. This will be about the emergency status here in Texas. It’s been in the news, online and social media regarding our battle against the powerful hurricane Harvey. Many of us have been affected by the damage and absolute devastation. It ripped apart not only the coastal towns and cities but was strong enough to impact us as far in as San Antonio roughly 150 miles away from Rockport, Port Aransas and Corpus Christi. And now flooding and heavy rains in Houston area.

We were fortunate enough not to get the full brunt of it but, between the rains and wind gusts it seems like we much closer than we really were. My husband and I brought in everything that was not nailed, glued or embedded into the ground. Just yesterday we  started putting things back into place outside just to get some normalcy back.

My youngest daughter Cheryl along with her 4 children left their home outside Kingsville at the urging of her husband. They made the trek up to San Antonio last Thursday which was the best thing they could have done. My daughter works as the court clerk and interim judge in Rockport. At the time they pulled out of Rockport from Cheryl stopping at her office at the courthouse Rockport went under mandatory evacuation. Cheryl’s husband Andrew is a Sargent with the Texas State Troopers so it was his duty to stay behind, protect, rescue and recover as the need arised.

It was hard thing to go through as well as everyone else located in the path of this mighty storm. The destruction and loss is great and has changed the lives of many. Rockport is in shambles and for the courthouse is almost gone as well as so many other businesses and homes. Cheryl and her family have been blessed with their home and little town pretty much still  intact. Cheryl, her children and their dog went home on Monday to reunite with their husband and father. My grandchildren started school today since they were not able to on Monday.

I ask everyone to please keep Texas and it’s people in your thoughts and prayers through this clean up and rebuilding process that will take weeks, months and even years. I thank you all so much for your kindness, support and help during this time!

All my best to you!


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Here is a salad your going to die for!

By August 22, 2017 Recipes

I’m back! This afternoon I have an absolutely wonderful salad to share with you all! I usually make this one around the holidays. Because it’s a HUGE hit for not only my family but for everyone that has tried it I find myself giving it out to all that have requested it! I really think if I wanted to I could make this one in my sleep. I always have to double the recipe and you may have to as well since it disappears quickly. I will share this recipe with you today and I think you’ll fall in love with it as much as everyone else that has tried it.

24 Hour Fruit Salad

1 large can crushed pineapple            1 can dark cherries packed in water

1 cup chopped nuts                               1 large container Cool Whip

1 8oz container sour cream                 1 large pkg. cherry Jello

In a large bowl (that you will make and store the salad in), mix together the drained cans of pineapple and dark cherries along with the Cool Whip and sour cream. Once stirred together add the cherry Jello and again stir until thoughly mixed. lastly, add the nuts and mix (personal preference is pecans). Cover the salad tightly and store overnight in fridge. Enjoy!


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Have knitting/crocheting will travel

By August 22, 2017 Crafting

Good morning all! Well today I’m writing this blog for those of us who carry our projects wherever we go. That includes both ladies/gentlemen that carry around their needle work. Did you notice I included gentlemen? Why yes, many of us know that men also do knitting, crocheting as well as needlepoint. Actually only men knitted during the beginning time period of Egypt where socks were discovered. Then we fast forward to the 1300’s and then 1400’s in which guilds were established and beautiful work that came from these guilds were exported across France, Germany and early Briton. Before we get started talking about our handiwork and traveling let me drop a few names of men that pick up those needles and hooks. I think you are going to be really surprised!

Rosey Greer – Needlepoint and Knitting

Knitting and Crocheting – Franklin D. Roosevelt, Keifer Sutherland, Russell Crow, Christopher Walken, David Arquette, Scott Baio and Sufijan Stevens. These are just to name a few famous men in the yarn world. I’ll also point out that Sufijan Stevens has been knitting since kindergarten as well as David Arquette who too started out young.

Now for our bag packing, you want to make sure you have everything you need plus a few extra items as a “just in case”.  There have been a few times that I have found I could have use and extra stitch holder or yarn needle and didn’t pack them! I don’t know about you but I’m a multi-project person so the bag I carry is quite large to my husband’s dismay.

Here are a few must haves for your well packed travel bag adventures:  stitch holders, small scissors (if you are flying make sure they are no more that 4″) and this might be the time to invest in a yarn cutter that you can get at places like Michaels or Joann’s. Next some yarn scrapes, extra hooks or needles, point protectors, stitch holders, measuring tape, row counter (which you can get to wear around your neck or I use a counter app on my phone) and lastly yarn needles which come in a nice carrier. Oh, one more thing take your patterns or direction sheets for quick reference.

Once you have everything ready make sure you double check in case there is something you want or need to carry on top of what is listed. Well everyone, now that you’re packed and ready to head out for that last vacation of the year or other travels take care and we’ll see ya’ll soon.

Best to all of you,






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